Special Projects


Trust Aerona, we have the specialist experience and the track record to import, export or transport the biggest, most complex … most impossible shipments

Some import/export or transportation projects really do appear at first sight to be ‘impossible’. But rest assured, at Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents Ltd we’ve probably already arranged, managed and handled the biggest, most complex, most impossible cargoes you could ever think of.

So before you say ‘impossible’ give Aerona a call. You could be pleasantly surprised at just what we can achieve on our behalf. Let us give you one or two examples of the complex cargoes we have successfully managed for our clients:


Your Customs Clearing Partner for Boat Imports and Exports


Exporting and Importing Helicopters in Compliance with Regulations

Heavy Machinery

Navigating the Complexities of Exporting and Importing Heavy Machinery

Industrial Vehicles

Industrial Vehicle Exports and Imports: Compliance with Global Regulations

Construction Plant

Exporting and Importing Construction Plant: Compliance with International Regulations

Ultra heavy-weight cargoes

From Logistics Challenges to Compliance Triumphs: The Ultimate Guide to Ultra Heavy-Weight Cargo Imports and Exports

Break Bulk Project Shipping

Aerona is the one company you can trust to move your biggest, most awkward and most precious consignments safely, efficiently … and cost-effectively. 

Entire Factories and Showrooms

Exporting and Importing Factories and Showrooms in Compliance with Regulations