It’s one of our pet specialities!
Arranging for the safe, speedy, secure and stress-free transportation of pets and livestock from the UK to overseas countries is a very specialist operation. Fortunately at Aerona it is a subject with which we are very familiar and one that we are fully qualified to provide.

From your very first enquiry our Gold Star standard of prompt, polite and professional service will provide all the reassurance you require as you plan your pet’s journey.

Thanks to our specialist experience we can assist you at every step of the way by explaining all the relevant procedures and protocols. We can also provide all the necessary documentation and advise you on obtaining the vital health certification required before your pet can commence its journey.

We can book travel reservations on your behalf, obtain the necessary permits, advise on the most appropriate carry containers, arrange transportation to the airport and liaise with the right authorities to secure smooth, prompt progress through customs and baggage, ensuring that all your pet’s health and well-being requirements are fully observed.

In addition, should you require it, we can even arrange for speedy onward transfer to your pet’s new home once it reaches its overseas destination. Whilst for your peace of mind we can provide on-going tracking information that keeps you in touch with the progress of your pet’s journey.

Here are just a few of the shipments of pets and livestock we have arranged:

  • Dogs to the USA
  • Dogs and cats to Australia
  • Dogs to Canada
  • Dogs to New Zealand
  • Pigeons to Israel

Not quite on the same subject, but we have also arranged for the repatriation of human remains from Mexico to the UK. Another of Aerona’s specialist and sensitive services.   

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Pigeons import from the UK to Israel

I’m an Israeli based architect whose hobby are raising pigeons and in particular English Flying Tipplers, whom I’m breeding since 1976. Since the UK is their homeland dream of each Tipplerman around the world is to have originals once in our lifetime.

Therefore I decided to import 10 pairs from the UK and looked for the experienced UK Custom Agents. After search on the Internet and getting various quotation Aerona Customs Clearing Agents Ltd. had the best prices and I decided to go with them.

I was introduced to Mr. Anthony Sawyer who dealt with me from the very beginning, helping me in sorting Custom’s papers, aero-transport papers, Vet’s papers such as testing and examines and finally Governmental export license.

I wish to testify that Mr. Anthony Sawyer, personally and/or on the behalf of the Aerona Customs Clearing Agents Ltd., did tremendous job any time when problems raised and there were lot of such moments.

David Strossmayer