Case Studies

PPC and the mislaid containers

PPC contacted us in January 2012 with a plea to help them resolve a major problem. They needed our help to clear two containers from China. PPC informed us their Chinese supplier had sent the containers without informing them.

PE and the missing customs clearance

PE is an aircraft engine manufacturer, and they had arranged with a courier company to send one of their engines to Switzerland. Unfortunately, the courier they employed had failed to arrange the customs clearance for this shipment before departing.

Mrs S and the narrow lane

Our customer, Mrs S contacted us to arrange clearance of a shipper’s own container from Australia and to then organise delivery from the docks to her house.

CT Trading and the delayed import

CT are importers and distributors of Soy protein into the UK. The company generally imports from Canada and experience very few problems with customs clearance on arrival in the UK.