Food Suppliers

The European Commission works to ensure that Europe’s food supply is the safest in the world and that the same standards of food safety apply to all products regardless of origin. As the world’s biggest importer and exporter of foodstuffs, the European Union works closely with international organisations and offers advice as well as assistance to third country trading partners.Imports are only authorised from approved establishments (e.g. slaughterhouses, cutting plants, game handling establishments, cold stores, meat processing plants), which have been inspected by the competent authority of the exporting country and found to meet European Union requirements. The authority provides the necessary guarantees and is obliged to carry out regular inspections.

Details of some approved suppliers from non European Union countries follow:

  • Argentina-Meat-of-Domestic-Ungulates
  • Brazil-Meat-of-Domestic-Ungulates
  • South-Africa-Meat-of-Domestic-Ungulates
  • South-Africa-Meat-of-Domestic-Ungulates
  • Brazil-Fishery-Approved-Suppliers
  • Congo-Fishery-Approved-Suppliers
  • Gambia-Fishery-Approved-Suppliers
  • Ghana-Fishery-Approved-Suppliers
  • Jamaica-Fishery-Approved-Suppliers
  • Nigeria-Fishery-Approved-Suppliers
  • UAE-Raw-Milk-and-Diary-Products