PPC - Case Study


PPC contacted us in January 2012 with a plea to help them resolve a major problem. They needed our help to clear two containers from China. PPC informed us their Chinese supplier had sent the containers without informing them. Worse still, they had sent the original bills of lading to PPC’s customer in error. Unfortunately PPC’s customer failed appreciate the importance of the original bills of ladings they had received, and failed to notify PPC of its arrival. For over a month the two containers had been stood at the port incurring demurrage and quay rents.As soon as PPC contacted us we advised them to ensure that their customer immediately endorsed the original bills. We also told them to ensure that a copy of the endorsed bill was sent to us and that the original bill was forwarded to the liners concerned along with our letter of authorisation. On the same day we arranged customs entry, paid all the taxes required, and requested the shipping line to forward their charges. By reacting immediately we were able to arrange delivery within three days.In addition we also negotiated a substantial reduction on the rent and demurrage charges with the shipping line concerned.Without the skills of Aerona’s staff, who have years of experience in dealing with shipping lines, and as always, by putting our customer’s interest first, we would not have been able to achieve this outstanding result.

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